Direct Action March 24th - 29th 2010

Join Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), the St. Louis Instead of War Coalition (IOW), Show Me No Hate, Transhaven, Literacy for Social Justice Teachers, Catholic Action Network (CAN), and other social justice organizations for the People’s Settlement, a series of creative and peaceful direct action events buttressed by a five-night downtown encampment, designed to put our economy where it belongs—in the hands of the people.

The Settlement will build off the popular anger over the lack of change, rightly portraying corporations as the major source of the obstruction. Our goal is to combine political theatre, willful direct action, and popular education with community building, undergirded by the will to generate an inclusive progressive movement in Saint Louis. Direct Action Events Include: a “Break Up with Your Bank” day, an action at Bank of America demanding an end to unjust foreclosures, a Public Schools bake sale, guerrilla street theater to raise awareness about LGBTQ discrimination in the health insurance market, a Saint Louis labor history tour and many more. The encampment in downtown Saint Louis will rotate between different corners of the City Garden and other green spaces at 8th and Market, which is across the street from the Bank of America and the Peabody Energy Headquarters. Our core of 25-35 campers will hold our territory, recruit passersby to get involved, and participate in movement-building and direct action activities themselves.

We will kick-off the event on March 24th at 3pm with a “real economy” demonstration in Kiener Plaza. You will find a comprehensive schedule of events attached, including information for the final action, a march of the jobless through downtown Saint Louis.

We believe that this is the first step in building a genuine, broad-based anti-corporate movement in Saint Louis. From issues of local control to clean energy, to peace to jobs to healthcare, we all want an end to the injustice. And we have been working separately for too long—it's time that we stand up and stand together on a united front! Many of us have worked hard on political campaigns attempting to bend the ears of our legislators and it has been to no avail. Why? Because corporate power divides us on every issue and blocks us from effecting real change and legislative action. We hope our work can harness anger endemic in corporate control of our political and economic systems and serve as a rallying cry for similar actions across the nation. It is also noteworthy that for the first time, all of the major federal campaigns--Healthcare, Financial Reform and Immigration--are emphasizing the need for there to be significant, mass movement locally in order to achieve anything meaningful in DC. So join us to "break up with your bank", participate in guerrilla street theater, campout on downtown, demand clean energy and a real economy, or simply raise your voice.

How can you and/or your organization be involved?
Sign-up to coordinate an action!
  1. Sign-up to recruit protesters, campers or both! We also need over night attendees. This will be a great time for relationship building and coalition building.
  2. Donate your time, resources or tents!
  3. Show up with your members, friends and family for the People’s Settlement!

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