Laclede Gas Stinks


Thank you FOX 2 for reporting on the Laclede Gas protest on Thursday March 25, 2010.

Demand Good Jobs, NOT War Jobs!


We are going to demand that the Regional Commerce and Growth Association not affiliate with war making profit machines and that relying on war is not a sustainable economic business model! We want our jobs to be focused on people, NOT war! Come help us demand from Fleming banish WAR MONGERS from our city! They should be encourage our businesses to be working towards renewable energy, community development, and social responsibility!

See you soon!

Student Life Covers the People's Settlement!


Dozens of students and local community members pitched tents and camped out in downtown St. Louis Wednesday night to kick off a series of demonstrations aimed at rallying the community to stand up against corporate power.

The People’s Settlement is a five-day event in which participants camp out at Poelker Park at night and participate in demonstrations during the day on issues ranging from LBGT rights to environmental ethics.

Read the full story here.

StudLife also interviewed a number of students and organizers at the event:

Leaked Peabody Memo!


Remember to come out TOMORROW for the Peabody protest. If you would like to make posters tonight, camp out, or walk over with us in the morning (we will leave around 10:40), meet at the People's Settlement at the corner of Market and Tucker streets.

And if you need a reason, consider this: 1 out of 50 people living near coal fly ash storage sites have a high chance of CANCER. Missouri and Illinois combined have 20 power plants that store their toxic waste in fly ash ponds.

Come out tomorrow at 11!!!!

CWA Action Today!


5-6:00 p.m CWA-Local Action against Macy's!
Meet at Kiener Plaza at 5 p.m.! Protest Macy's GIGANTIC tax credit for filing their taxes on time! Do the PEOPLE get a tax credit when they are on time??? Why is the city giving away money when we lack so many basic services?

Give Us Rights Not Just Gas


Our action this morning at Laclede Group which owns Laclede Gas was a huge success! We had about 35 protesters brave the cold rainy St. Louis weather to stand outside 720 Olive Street. Our message was clear, "We Want Full Equality and Protection Mr. Yaeger!"

Today's action is finished but it is not forgotten. We are asking the community to call the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Yaeger's office, (314) 342-0500. Leave a message for Mr. Yaeger that his company needs to update it's Employee Policies to protect his LGBT workers.

It is that simple.

We are asking to meet with Mr. Yaeger and gave him notice today, we ask you do the same. The next time you send in your Laclede Gas Bill, please include a brief message that you are not happy with their anti-gay policies. Also remind them that if we had a choice, we cancel their gas services and go with less bigoted one.

But we can't, because Laclede Gas is our only choice!

Give us Rights Not Just Gas!

Bank of America Video


Great video of yesterday's event thanks to Sean Collins!

The People's Settlement: Saint Louis, 24 March 2010 from Seán Collins on Vimeo.